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AI-based legal advice platform, BarLaw provides legal advice to people for free and provides enterprise legal services to startups.

BarLaw provides gauged answers that numerically indicate positives and negatives to user’s questions. With easy accessibility to search for cases and precedents in everyday terms, the number of users exceeded 3,000 in just one month of launching the beta service.

Color Recognition Aesthetics

AIsoft Korea analyzed 8 set test kits of index paper measurement based on color recognition to measure color perception for the elderly, children with cognitive impairments, and symptom groups. Eight sets of test kits based on color recognition, color preference, color coordination, and the meaning of colors to measure color perception based on how well the symptom groups can distinguish subtly similar colors. The kit was analyzed based on massive data. Throughout the research, the kit shows the possibility of improvement steps of art psychotherapy programs.

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