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Bering Lab uses a cutting edge machine translation engine to maximize translation efficiency. Focused training with legal and patent documents resulted in specialized performance in legal and patent translation. Bering Lab’s AI translator performs better than competitors’ for legal documents. Patent document performance is superior to competitors’ as well. Industry leaders and the government have invested in our internationally recognized advanced technology. Improved work efficiency through an objective interface and accurate translations. Support for document level translation that preserves document formatting. Our CAT Tool makes editing easier, and the data is automatically collected and refined. Client confidentiality cannot be maintained with online translation services from Naver, Google, etc. Data given to Bering Lab for translation is only used to provide the translation service, and is not connected to any other service. Bering Lab can satisfy all of our clients’ needs through a diverse service model. Bering Lab also offers an Attorney based translation service that utilizes Bering Lab’s AI. Bering Lab provides seamless service without additional maintenance costs.


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