About Company

Clonix is a company that specializes in backup/security/delete solutions with original technology. Established in 2004, we develop our own source technology accumulated over a long period of time. We try to provide high value and a great service to customers. We strive to develop the best solutions for customers’ much safer and more efficient IT circumstances.


A backup and restore program safely and quickly from the period of problems started such as O/S errors, viruses, and physical damage to the disk.

A backup program that duplicates and deletes a variety of media files (HDD, SSD, SD, CF) at the same time. The disk has the function of copying files as an image file.

NetClon allows you to save and manage original images using a network interface without having to separate all types of storage media from the system.

We restore damaged frames from CCTV, black box, and smartphones to use them as evidence.

It is a reinforced function for forensic investigation. It corrects the evidence to be identifiable when it is impossible to identify accurately the image.

An anti-ransomware solution that protects users’ data safely by detecting and blocking ransomware while monitoring the user’s PC in real-time with various detection technologies and multiple defense systems.

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