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About Company

Flitto is an integrated platform and language data company that provides diverse translation services.

Beginning with the launch of its crowdsourced translation service in 2012, Flitto has since expanded its translation platform to include professional and AI translation. On top of this, Flitto has also continued to provide domestic and international companies with language data based on the data collected through the Flitto platform. As of 2019, there are presently 10.3 million users in 173 countries using Flitto’s translation platform.

Flitto dreams of a world in which people can communicate without language constraints. As the largest language data company in the world, Flitto is leading the way to making that world a reality.



AI Translation

You can immediately receive highly accurate translation results based on vast language data. Similar translations done by other translators are also shown together.

Crowdsourced Translation

Requests for simple text, voice, or image translations can be sent to the 1 million translators who have passed Flitto’s independent translator tests. The cost is calculated based on the number of characters for the original source text. Purchased points can be conveniently used at any time.

1:1 Pro Translation

This is a service where 1:1 translation requests are sent directly to professional translators, offering results that are more professional and consistent compared to crowdsourced translations. Requests can be made in various file formats, and profiles for proven professional translators in each field are available for review and selection. As the service links the requester directly with a translator, the translator can send his/her desired quote and the requester can use the professional translation service without overblown costs.

QR Place

This is a service that allows menus to be easily created in 25 languages at a low cost through the app. Anyone can easily look at the translated multi-lingual menus by scanning the unique QR code issued for each place. One advantage here is that continuous maintenance (such as adding or deleting menu items) can be handled through the Flitto app.


This is the area where updates for famous SNS accounts or interesting content can be directly translated or enjoyed in each language.



12 Obtained ISO 9001 Certification ‘Professional Translation Service’ for headquarters in Korea

07 Listed on KOSDAQ as ‘No. 1 Exceptional Business Model’


12 Selected as ‘Youth Friendly Business of 2019‘

09 Registered as a full member of the Global Communication Development Promotion Council of NICT Japan (For 2020 Tokyo Olympic)

08 Registered as a full member of the Japan Translation Federation (JTF)

07 Established a Japan regional office (Tokyo)

06 Constructed public standard data with the National Information Society Agency (NIA) and Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI)

05 1st Place in Korea and 2nd Place in the world at Fenox Startup World Cup 2018 (USA)


11 Partnership with Tencent (China)

09 Partnership with Kakao,  Received investment from Colopl Next

08 Entered into a business agreement with Innoway, the chief agency for the Zhongguancun startup street (China)

07 Partnership with Samsung

05 Partnership with Baidu (China)

04 Partnership with Microsoft (USA), Won the Seoul Tourism Start-ups’ New Projects 2017

01 Won the China UK Entrepreneurship Challenge at the Chinese Academy of Sciences

Launched QR Place


12 2nd place at the MARS Venture Contest(China)

11 Received the Golden Bear Award from Baidu (百度金熊掌奖)

08 Business agreement with Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI)

06 Partnership with NTT Docomo (Japan)

05 Investment for Series B (9 Billion KRW)

Entered into an MOU with the University Students Interpreters’ Association at the Hankuk University of Foreign Studies


12 Registered as a full member of the Translators Association of China

11 2015 K-ICT Awards Digital Content Section Grand Prize

03 Established the China regional office (Zhongguancun, Beijing)

Investment for Series A (3.5 Billion KRW)


06 Partnership with Naver

02 Won the Seedstars World Competition (Switzerland)


12 Final winner of KBS’ Golden Pentagon

Won the Grand Prize at ‘Startup 2013’ held by the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning

10 Participated as the representative of Korea for StartTelAviv held by the Israeli government

05 Grand Prize at 2013 Mobile Startup Korea hosted by Maekyug Media Group

Selected as a representative company for creative economics by the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning

Selected as a government-sponsored Silicon Valley global youth startup booster business

2012  Established Flitto


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