Brand : Foodyworm

About Company

We are FoodyWorm, the leader in the insect-based pet food industry.

Using eco-friendly insects, FoodyWorm Inc. continuously researches and develops antibiotic alternatives, functional cosmetics, pet food & additives, aquarium fish & fry food, exotic animal pet food, fertilizer, bio-diesel and more eco-friendly products. Furthermore, as a research-proven company, we strive to work hard for the development of insect-based industry. Through countless research and continuous effort, FoodyWorm aims to provide ‘the most superb product and
service’ to our customers.

Products and Services

  • Antibiotic alternatives
  • Functional cosmetics
  • Pet food & additives
  • Aquarium fish & fry food
  • Exotic animal pet food
  • Fertilizer
  • Bio-diesel

 List of Research and Development Activities

• 2016 Development of additives using black soldier flies for functional pet food for dogs
• 2018 Chitosan extraction and processing business through chitin, which is a resource of insects obtained during insect protein production for pet food
• 2018 Development of farmed fish and juvenile fish food using insect protein
• 2018 Development of ICT-based entry-level IOT breeding container which provides optimal breeding environment for insects (black soldier flies)
• 2018 Processing and development of 3D-printer bio ink, which is an insect-derived chitosan used as an animal wound healing agent


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