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Saltlux is rooted in Sysmeta Co., Ltd., a machine learning and natural language processing start-up established in 2000, and it is a domestic representative company with the original technologies in the 4th Industrial Revolution that has dedicated to the development of AI and big data technologies since its establishment. We have focused on securing of original technologies from the beginning of the establishment, and after changing our company name to Saltlux, we have further promoted the development of AI technologies and new market creation.

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Natural Language Understanding Engine 

LEA (Language Engineering & Analysis) is a language analysis engine based on machine learning/deep learning that handles text analysis functions such as morpheme analysis, object name recognition, sentence structure analysis, and emotion analysis for non-structured data processing. In addition, natural language processing results are used to provide a higher level of analysis, such as understanding hidden intentions in sentences or identifying question types, which allows the system to understand the intentions for conversation processing and to understand the meaning of questions for analysis and deep Q/A. The natural language understanding engine (LEA) is the basic engine needed for other engines included in AI Suite to operate.

AI consultation system building cases

In the financial sector, a variety of customer service channels, including mobile services, are expanding, and the demand for services corresponding to the latest AI-based technology trends is increasing. It is said that NH Nonghyup Bank should increase the number of AI counseling service channels. Nonghyup Bank Customer Happiness Center aims to build a system infrastructure to expand service channels in order to adapt to all the environments that require AI counseling services for counselors and customers, both online and offline. It is expected that the Customer Happiness Center will play a pivotal role in expanding artificial intelligence services, thereby setting up an example in the entire financial sector.

AI as a Service, Welcome aboard


02 Received the top prize in the IT Solution category at 18th Korea SW Business Competitiveness Awards


11 Received the Commissioner of the Korean Intellectual Property Office Award at the IP Awards in 2018

09 Received a citation from the Minister of Science and ICT at the Korea ICT Innovation Awards in 2018

01 Received a citation from the Mayor of Seoul at the Public-Private Cooperation Excellence Awards in 2017


Participated in the International conference on Artificial Intelligence 2017

02 An Executive Company of the Korea Software Industry Association


02 Launched ‘ADAM’, Saltlux Artificial Intelligence Program


12 Launched IN2 4.0, Saltlux Artificial Intelligence Search Engine

11 Awarded the Patent Management Grand Prize in 2015 by the Korea Software Industry Association

11 Launched a new product, Saltlux Real-Time Big Data Analysis and Prediction Platform 2.0


12 Awarded the Special Prize in the Korea ICT INNOVATION Awards in 2014

09 Awarded the Contents Service Quality Certification in 2014 (Ziny.NEWS)


08 Renamed Saltlux Inc


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